Wearing silver seems to be more of a social norm, especially amongst college students, possibly for two reasons. One being the unfortunate financial restraints students have abiding by a college budget. Thus, dripping in fine double-digit karats would be unexpected. The second reason, the risen popularity in the native jewelry department. There is decent demand for southwestern silver given the fashionable appeal it creates in accessories.

This Fashionista, however, took a bolder route with a sleek gold ring, necklace and nail polish combination. The jewelry’s smooth shape brings a contemporary feel, avoiding any outdated vibe gold tends to take on. Not to mention, the discoloring of these gold accessories appears subtle and rustic, rather than cheap and flashy. Despite the recent common favoritism for silver, if there is one designer who does it right, I’d give the golden star to Michael Kors. As the base of his collections work with neutrals, the extra hint of gold gives looks that extra kick they need.

As a well-respected employee at The Gap, this Fashionista’s wardrobe consists of only the stores latest must haves. In replication of an all-American bowling bag, her purse brings us back to the '90s retro craze. The black and white color scheme effortlessly complements her peppered long cardigan sweater.

Along with the gold effect, the bold red skinny jeans brings the outfit full circle. It’s impossible to bypass the pants party every retailer is throwing thanks to the vibrant colors of the rainbow. Walk into an Express, Urban Outfitters, Gap, Chico’s, J.Crew, or H&M and you’ll see, from mannequin to table layout, pants in a variety of solid lively colors. The wide age range of customers this trend reaches is most interesting.

Spotted: Chloé’s Spring 2012 ready-to-wear line consists of an irresistible bright turquoise pant.


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