ACCESSORIES REPORT: European Influence

A good friend just returned from studying abroad in Belguim. Her style and fashion knowledge have completely changed since she made it back to the States. Just from walking the streets of 14 different European countries she has noticed the major difference in fashion. She even notices how people from home incorporate European elements into their American style. She has taught me so much in just a short three weeks home. One piece she bought overseas that she seems to bring everywhere is her khaki Longchamp bag. After hearing her rave about how popular they are overseas, I've kept my eyes peeled for a trendsetter carrying one in Dallas, PA.

I spotted one just as I was leaving a meeting on campus this week. A simple black tote with a tan handle was paired with the perfect summer outfit — white shorts and a plain black scoopneck tee. This Fashionista left her outfit simple so everyone would notice her European accessory. She added a funky sandal to complete her summer look.

She splurged on the classic tote for summer and said she loves how it seems to go with every outfit. Not knowing how big of a trend these bags are overseas, she feels accomplished that she incorporated it into her Pennsylvania style.

To achieve a look Kate Moss, Longchamp spokesperson and designer would approve of, look on at the endless designs and sizes. They range from the classic black tote this Fashionista rocks to patterned floral designs and bright colors such as orange and bright pink. Longchamp bags come in different sizes too. For Fashionistas like myself that are looking for more of a crossbody bag rather than a tote, check out the Longchamp 4×4. For Fashionista's working on a budget try Banana Republic's Mara Nylon Tote for almost half the price. Macy's also has a similar tote by Lauren for Ralph Lauren for a college girl's wallet.

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