As the wintery months approach, the snow begins to fall and the wind becomes even more unbearable, braving the outdoors becomes a daunting activity, even if it’s momentarily. That being said, I think the majority of us can agree that dressing stylishly is not our main priority, but more importantly keeping warm. Pulling on your winter boots, wool socks and a big down coat is all that feels right. Where is the creativity in that?

Well Fashionistas/os, the answer is simple: just add a knit scarf. It’s an easy addition — something that contributes an element of style to your outfit as well as keeping you warm! It is obvious that this Fashionisto has picked up on this trend. As you can see, he has incorporated the navy knit scarf into his outerwear effortlessly, by knotting it and tucking it into his wool toggle jacket. In addition, the white snowflake print on the scarf adds extra detail that captures the attention of passersby.

For a similar look to this Fashionisto, take a look at Gap’s Fair Isle scarf. For a more neutral color palette, Macy’s offers a variety of printed scarves. Pairing this particular one with a bright jacket would be complementary. And Fashionistas, there is always room for another knit scarf in your wardrobe. For a different twist, try out this sequined Fair Isle snood from American Eagle.

Remember, jackets are typically versatile pieces that are worn more frequently than almost any other piece of clothing for us in the north, so add a little something that will make it more enjoyable to take on the winter weather!

Spotted: The Fair Isle print can also be translated into jackets as can be seen in Junya Watanabe menswear show for fall 2011.

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