At Columbia University, students devote so much time to studying, reading, writing and, of course, a few extra-curricular activities sprinkled in between. Yet, no matter how overwhelming everyone’s lives are, students will still spend time to ensure that their appearance doesn’t suffer. High standards for grades and high standards for fashion? Well…that’s stressful.

And then comes Friday — a day of genuine bliss. Most students do not have classes and you can sense a generally carefree attitude on campus. Unsurprisingly, this relaxed tenor comes through in people’s fashion choices. It’s Fashion Freedom Fridays at Columbia!

The Fashionista I spotted was confidently walking around the campus embodies this chic informality. While still looking put-together, she does not go crazy with accessories. She sports an auburn bag, aviator glasses and a simple watch. Her natural beauty is able to easily surface, as her accessories don’t smother her.

Let’s all try to give ourselves a break sometimes. As the great Coco Chanel once said, “when accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on.” Understanding that sometimes “less is more” will be greatly beneficial as you style.

Spotted: Acclaimed model, Elle Macpherson sported aviator sunglasses on the runway for Virgin Atlantic's new cabin crew uniform. 

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