Growing up, I was one of those ridiculous little girls who snuck into my mom’s walk-in closet to play dress up. It wasn’t so much her bright lipsticks or velvet heels that drew me in, but rather her vast collection of winter clothes that elegantly hung on wooden hangers and simply begged to be tried on. My sister and I took turns layering, draping and practicing our best British accents (compliments of The Parent Trap, of course), and between sequins and shoulder pads there was always one jacket that was relentlessly fought over: the fur. 

It was hard not to notice this week’s Fashionista, Kimmi, as I walked down the street in my light sweater and cursed the weather gods for the latest cold front here in DC. Though originally from Los Angeles, Kimmi manages to incorporate a heavy East Coast flair to her laid-back outfit, balancing her beachy waves with a seriously stylish faux fur coat. Spotted and caramel-colored, this jacket proves to be a show-stopper, perfect in length and thickness to compliment a brisk Fall day without seeming Arctic or heavy. Kimmi rounds out her outfit with biker boots and a lacey bra peeking out from under a sheer cami, embracing the crisp weather in a glamorous and subtly feminine way.

Faux fur allows for class and style without the price tag or the guilt. Whether in vest form or just a simple rim around heeled booties, a furry statement can go a long way and is an absolute necessity during the winter months. Don’t be afraid to display your inner Cruella, in a cruelty-free way, of course; wear your fur with sweeter, more delicate pieces and ballet flats for a girly and glam look.

Spotted: Fur accessories were seen on the fall/winter 2011 runways of Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu.


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