While florals for spring may not be so “ground-breaking” (*cough* The Devil Wears Prada *cough*) delicate flowers in an array of pastels to radiating brights have forever been, and will forever be, a feminine staple.

For Urbanites, however, things are a little less Lilly Pulitzer and a little more Louis Vuitton. With fear of risking looking like a toddler at a birthday party or a Stepford wife at a garden party soiree, it’s difficult to convince our city selves to dress in bouquets of flowers, rather than all black, on black. 

This Fashionista’s subtle splash of floral through her black, decorative earrings is a sophisticated way to add a feminine touch without going overboard. Paired with sleek blue pants, a simple white blouse and neutral booties and blazer accessorizes this simple and chic outfit effortlessly. With her jewelry focus resting on her gemmed earrings, this Fashionista understands the true meaning of working one “statement piece.”

So, while us city girls (and guys!) may love our neutrals, our oversized sunglasses and even more, our all-black pieces, a splash of floral can go a long way.

Spotted: The decadent jewelry of Lanvin’s spring/summer 2012 collection flourished, literally, with bundles of flirty flowers. Whether singular as earrings or on a bangle, to layers atop of pearls and mixed metal chains, florals for spring are back in action once again.

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