Animal prints have never stopped being cool on clothes. All fashion designers have utilized animal prints or some reference to nature in at least one past collection. For some people, there is nothing better than wearing an outfit that represents their favorite pet. This Fashionista’s shirt caught my attention because of the many birds printed on it. The effect appeared to me as a mix of exotic forest meets relaxing tropical beach. She combined an ocher scarf that matches with the feathers of the little birds on the shirt.

Animal prints are often the symbol of specific fashion designers. Everyone can recognize Roberto Cavalli’s icon leopard that recurs in many of the clothes and accessories of his collections. Salvatore Ferragamo’s spring/summer 2012 women’s collection has gorgeous animal references that really transform every Fashionista’s look into an amazing tropical figure.

Some brands use animal prints and then adjust them with unconventional colors. Many of the party dresses that you can find at Forever 21 recall animal prints in an extravagant way. For a work-school day look, check out New York & Company’s blouses.

This Fashionista not only chose the right animal print for her, but she also used one of the trendiest color of the season: ocher. This color has been very popular since the beginning of the winter and it’s still a must. Almost all Zara sweaters are available in ocher. The perfect match? Blue jeans or black pants. It is also very cool to combine an ocher sweater with a black skirt and ocher tights.

Spotted: Check out Ferragamo’s spring/summer 2012 runway and get the perfect inspiration for spring.

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