I have been wearing glasses since the third grade. I remember how excited I was when I finally needed glasses so I could fit in with my four-eyed friends and siblings. Once I realized how unfortunate I looked in my thin wire frames that seemed to eat my face, I got contacts and reserved my glasses for the confines of my own home.

However, in the past few seasons, glasses have quickly transformed from a medical necessity to the ultimate geek-chic accessory. Vintage inspired frames ooze confidence, personality, style, and, dare I say, intelligence more than any other accessory I know. This Fashionista illustrates that a bold frame can be super quirky and sexy all at the same time. I recently ordered a pair of glasses from Warby Parker, an online eyeglasses store that sells uber trendy prescriptive frames for $95. Plus, for each pair purchased, they donate a pair of frames to someone in need. Budget friendly and philanthropic at the same time- how could you resist?

Pull out your inner geek and don your glasses from class to our with your friends. You'll love it, eye promise! (Get it?)

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