Everyone who lives in Missouri and goes to Mizzou probably knows by now that the weather here is crazy. You can wake up to 37 degrees and by the afternoon you'll be sweating in your sweatshirt and Uggs. Unpredictable weather has an upside too. Just when we thought the warm summer-to-fall days were over and 40 to 50-degree weather was here to stay, we all of a sudden get hit with a beautiful day reaching almost 80 degrees. What a nice surprise. Ever changing weather means you should be paying extra attention to your outfit. When an 80-degree day pops up out of nowhere, you Fashionistas best take advantage. 

This week's Fashionista took full advantage of the beautiful, sunny day by wearing a grunge styled outfit with a few pops of bright color. Her high-waist shorts and greenish scarf lighten up her otherwise rocker-esque ensemble. What I like most about this Fashionista's outfit is her scarf. Scarves are perfect accessories for in-between weather days. You can always take it off if it gets too hot and easily stuff it into your book bag. Scarves are worn through many seasons, so when I see one that stands out, like this Fashionista's, I know its worthy of a report. 

The almost mustard yellow but still lime green is great. It complements her bold shorts and even matches the color of the letters on her shirt. This mixture of green and yellow also looks stunning with this Fashionista's denim vest. The frayed edges add to her somewhat disheveled look, but also make her structured denim vest feel more relaxed. This Fashionista did a splendid job of mixing colors and balancing her look with an accessory that is fit for a summery day in October. 

Spotted: Colorful frayed scarves complete the look in multiple ways on Paul Smith's spring 2009 runway. 

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