I think we all need to take a moment and address the importance of being earnest shoe game. It’s referenced in everything from Nicki Minaj lyrics to the pages of GQ. But what does it mean? As per Urban Dictionary, shoe game is literally defined as one’s “shoe wardrobe, used when comparing the type and amount of shoes you have against another person.” While this description might be more conventional, I like to think of shoe game as a person’s ability to effectively select that one trusty accessory which can make or break any outfit: shoes. 

When it comes to shoe game, this Fashionisto clearly needs no pointers. Elliot splits his time between completing his major in Gender Studies and rubbing elbows with fashion’s who’s who as a freelance editorial assistant. I managed to snag this photo as he was leaving class and headed to work. Equal parts super relaxed and meticulously styled, this outfit is just as appropriate for the library as it is the office– needless to say, it's no easy feat. 

Let’s break it down. From the knees up, this Fashionisto is cool, calm, and collected in a relaxed plaid button-up and black utility jacket. But those shoes? (A pair of Burberry brown leather brogues with woven straw detailing) — they mean business. I’m not convinced anyone could rock those bad boys, but one thing’s for sure: This CollegeFashionisto certainly is.

Now, before we get too wrapped up in the greatness that is Elliot's shoe game, let’s make our way up to the ankle where just the right amount of printed sock peeks out from between his shoes and his pant leg. What really caught my eye was the way in which the diagonal pattern on the socks perfectly complimented the crisscross of the weaving in his shoe. Trust me: it was genius.

As hard as it was to pull my eyes away from that brilliant sock-shoe combo, I’m glad I did because what I witnessed then was unbelievable. No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, Elliot really did manage to execute the impossible — a perfect, skinny, cuff.  From the shoes to his glasses, this Fashionisto was a specimen of the most perfect caliber when it comes to the art of accessorizing. Take this post as proof of one certain truth: when it comes to self-styling, it’s all in the details!


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