Anxiously waiting to reveal our newest boots and oversized sweaters for the fall, our time has finally come! I was excited to come across this Fashionista wearing only the best staples of a fall wardrobe, loud and proud. “I’ve been looking for any excuse, or drop in temperature to throw on that extra layer of accessories,” said this Fashionista. That being said, fall is indeed such a great season for fashion because of the many layers available to mix and match with.  

A poncho is a timeless piece of clothing that has come in and out of style through the years. More than ever, it is back! I love the way that this Fashionista paired her poncho as somewhat of an accessory with the rest of her outfit.  The tank top, cream-colored pants, and boots are an ensemble in themselves; but adding the orange crochet in to the mix gives her look even more meaning. I am a big fan of the poncho for its versatility. You can wear a chunkier poncho as the spotlight of your outfit, or throw on a lightweight, crocheted one as an accessory, like featured on this Fashionista. I just recently found an assortment of great, versatile ponchos at Free People, be there to check them out!

Another great feature to this Fashionista’s outfit is her vintage looking, over the shoulder book bag. She does a fabulous job of proving that going to class, while staying fashionable can be be easily done. Frye has always been a brand that I lust over, especially after College Fashionista held a special event with them last week. As if their shoes and boots aren’t cute enough, I love their featured handbags this season. I instantly made the connection between the them and this Fashionista’s book bag after I photographed her.  The rustic, envelope fold over flap bag is very in for this upcoming season, and this Fashionista is already ahead of the game.

It was a treat running into this Fashionista, and highlighting two accessories in one great outfit.  Remember that the smallest things as a book bag can make the biggest difference in your outfit, so get rid of that old backpack and those boring sweaters and try something new this fall!

Spotted: Over the shoulder book bags at Marc by Marc Jacobs

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