“Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold.” Sure, this proverb may work in terms of friendship, but when it comes to jewelry, there always seems to be a loyalty to one metallic or the other. Of course preference is determinate of taste, but deciding between the two based on skin tone can be an important factor as well.

This Fashionista is definitely a gold gal, sporting an array of jewelry in the hue, all the way down to the embellishments on her sandals. With her rosy complexion and blonde hair, gold emphasizes her coloring.

By keeping her ensemble simple and chic with a sheer white T-shirt and dark wash skinny jeans, her accessories really pop. The double-wrap orange Tory Burch bracelet adds a subtle element of color, while her D&G watch screams classic sophistication. Juxtaposed on the other wrist is a red leather snakeskin wrap bracelet, coordinated with thin rhinestone bangles. While these bracelets may be description heavy, they certainly are not overdone. Stacking bracelets on bracelets on bracelets has become a trend that certainly won’t fade, since it’s always been hard for fashion mavens to have to choose only one piece of jewelry to wear!

So whether you’re a gold, a silver, or maybe even a platinum kind of Fashionista, sticking with one metallic makes your shopping life much easier, and adds a classy element to any ensemble.

Spotted: Gold has earned it's ranks as a neutral thanks to the spring 2012 collections of Oscar de la Renta and Proenza Schouler. From mini dresses to crop tops and ballgown-esque skirts, the fashion world has become gilded.

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