Circles, weaves and curls. This Fashionista truly understands how big a part accessories play when paired amongst your attire. I spotted this Fashionista as she was casually strolling, books still in hand with curls for days.

Her look was a harmonious juxtaposition of staple “girly” pieces with a not so traditional choice of footwear. Dresses could be hard to pull off in the winter, but with the help of tights and a dependable blue peacoat, anything is possible. Her choice of shoes, padded Chuck Taylor-esque sneakers, not only balanced off her feminine outfit but also protected her feet from Chicago’s gusty winds.

Another armor against the Windy City’s wind was her circle scarf. Tube scarves have been gaining popularity over the past years. You can find them popping up everywhere, from your local American Apparel to your nearest Barney’s. Makes for a great choice to keep your face and neck toasty in the cold.

Her thrifted bag, which was too full for her to store the rest of her books, gave me a Bottega Venetta vibe. They both have a similar weave pattern that Bottega Veneta has become well known for. You don’t have to splurge on high-end items to get the look though, like this Fashionista proved. There are plenty alternatives that are rather wallet friendly.

With a look like this this Fashionista could succeed at making people glance back for a second look. She was weaving, “scarf-ing” and curling in circles. Around and round and round they go. Swag.

Spotted: Woven handbags in Botegga Veneta's F/W 11' runway show.

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