With the global warming winter weather among us, deciding what to wear is always a challenge. Picking out an outfit that can go from cold mornings to warm afternoons challenges college students to be creative with their style.

Trendiness aside, this Fashionista uses her spiffy specs to spice up her simple black and white look. She rocks her hand-sewn black wool circle scarf as a simple accessory to top her boxy wool sweater from Madewell. Her black watch from Swatch and her vintage combat boots reinvent her simple nerdy style with a slight edge.

Nerdy, yet fun glasses frames are in style as Fashionista/os wrap up their winter break to go back to their studying mode for another semester. There are no right or wrong ways to wear these playful frames, but adding such simple accessories to the look can totally reinvent an outfit.

Don’t waste your time taking your wardrobe apart to make a change, but simply add a simple accessory on your eyes to give another look.

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