As a little kid, winter always brings with the constant nagging from your mom, “Don't forget your hat- you'll catch a cold!”  And while I may have grown up and moved out, whenever I leave my apartment, I swear I can hear my mom reminding me to grab a hat. The problem: traditional snow hats tend to be quite unflattering. Not only do they look like a knit blob, but they often do a number on your hair as well.  

This Fashionista clearly listened to her mother, but brought some elegance and fun into her headwear.  The raspberry color of her hat is the perfect punch of color in the winter. It's vibrant against the winter landscape without being overpowering. Opting for a large brim hat rather than the tradition knit cap allows for this Fashionista's feminine charm to shine through. It's a nice change and unexpected winter accessory. Plus, this type of hat is quite versatile- as it looks equally smashing paired with cold weather layers and a summer bikini.

To make sure you don't end up sick over winter break, try opting for a feminine flouncy hat as a great option that provides protection from the cold weather without sacrificing style.

Spotted: Gucci's fall 2011 collection showcased the influence of hats as the ultimate accessory for this season. 

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