Getting to class can be a challenge, especially when they are across campus. By the time you lug your backpack across the quad, maneuver around tour groups, and climb four stories to your chemistry lab, you may feel like you've run a marathon before class has even begun. 

When I came across this Fashionisto and his skateboard, I thought, “Now this guy is smart.” Not only for buying his awesome plaid lined leather coat, but also for making his mode of transportation the ultimate fashion accessory. His skateboard looks equally cool tucked in his hands as it does when he is riding it to class.

When riding a skateboard, its smart to have a couple other key accessories, as illustrated by this Fashionisto. First, a great pair of sneakers are important for stability. Sandals and heavy boots just aren't realistic when bobbing and weaving on your board. Also a great cap helps you be more aerodynamic as well as protects your hairdo from being blown to pieces.

Don't be out of breath next time you reach lab, Fashionistos. Grab a skateboard and look stylish both on and off your ride.

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