Oh, sunglasses. Sunglasses are for everyone. From the hipsters rocking aviators, the trendsetters with their bold, crazy shaped sunglasses, the cool guys with their wayfarers and even the classic black frames à la The Sopranos and The Godfather, everyone has their own niche with sunglasses. They can make a whole outfit, hide your poker face and shield your eyes from the sun (yes, that’s what they’re really supposed to do!). Let’s face it though, everyone wears sunglasses when walking down the street or when cruising in the car in the summertime because it makes them feel great. Regardless of your reasons for wearing them or the shape you choose, sunglasses are key accessories in every Fashionista’s wardrobe.

I spotted these two Fashionista friends on the street the other day, looking chic in their very different sunnies. The Fashionista on the left pairs her classic Ray-Ban aviators with high-waisted American Apparel riding pants, a Gracia floral top, vintage jewelry and Aldo riding boots for feminine-bohemian vibe. The Fashionista on the right paradoxically takes on a more modern, bright vibe with her vintage sunglasses, an Urban Outfitters chiffon shirt, high-waisted BDG jeans, Nine West flats and a vintage Dooney and Burke bag.

Sunglasses are personally one of my favorite accessories, as there are many different vibes you can pull off with them. Your mood helps decide what sunglasses you will wear that day. When you’re feeling cool and on top of the world, aviators or wayfarers are great to feel the best you can. Round oversized glasses, à la Jackie O, are glamorous for day or night (if you're feeling bold). Trendsetters can rock bold printed glasses. Heart shaped glasses are cute for a day at the beach or when you want to remember being 5 years old. Whichever style you choose, you know that you will always be protected from the sun.

Spotted: Round Sunglasses spotted on various runways for spring 2012.

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