ACCESSORIES REPORT: In-Vest in Shearling

Flipping through the glossy pages of Vogue each month leaves me nothing short of inspired. Models, wearing gowns and shoes that no college student could really ever afford, stand with arched backs and toothy grins and whisper, “you can look like this too — promise.” Some trends featured in magazines this season, such as metallics or pastels, are a bit easier to emulate on simpler college campuses where high fashion isn't exactly a priority; other trends, such as enormous fur jackets or feathers can be a bit more difficult and can leave you feeling a tad ridiculous when you sit down next to a soccer player in sweatpants who promptly requests that you remove your headpiece during the lecture. At the end of the day, sometimes a seasoned Fashionista will have to pick and choose her trends in order to fully match her surroundings and stand out — in a good way. Let’s start with daring vests and shearling, shall we?

This week's accessory queen, Corinna, flaunts her style and turns heads on the streets of DC. Her base, a blush, cotton shirt and frayed white denim, is cozy and feminine yet lacks a certain wow-factor that is essential for the fashion-forward crowd. That's where the vest comes in. We're all acquainted with the fur shrugs that are appearing everywhere from TV shows to college campuses, but experimenting with bolder vests takes more guts and adds more gusto to an overall ensemble. Corinna clearly isn't afraid to take risks, piling on a wooly layer of shearling to complete her look and sticking with a lighter hue to compliment, and not overpower, her outfit.

Some of you may be sitting there skeptically reading this article and wondering how you're going to incorporate a crazy vest into your next look without looking ridiculous or over-the-top. The answer is simple: minimalism is key. Fur and shearling are fabulous starting points, mainly because they're incredibly neutral, but it’s important to keep the rest of your outfit basic. Delicate jewelry, ballet flats or a top knot can complete your look and bring it back down to earth, so don't fret about looking like a farm animal during biology lab. Stay away from too many accessories if you're worried about going overboard, though I'll be honest… I've never met an over-accessorizer I didn't like.

Spotted: Shearling and fur on the fall/winter runways of Celine, Calvin Klein and Cavalli.

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