The shoes choice can be a hard decision in winter because the cold weather does not help pursuing fashion and style. In Chicago, we are too often forced to wear rain boots or snow shoes that do not match with our street style.

This Fashionisto decided to wear a perfect combination of style and comfort, putting on a pair of Timberland boots. This kind of boot inspired rappers in the 's90 and almost every teenage had or desired a pair of them in the past. Some of us would remember Will Smith and Snoop-Dogg with those boots on; the trend did not stop to the '90s, however. Timberland boots are always good for cold weather, so that’s why in a city like Chicago, they are a must-have in every Fashionista/o’s wardrobe.

Guys usually like to wear the classic model that is also the most popular. Girls can play more and get inspired by some of the cutest models of Timberland’s collection. My favorites are the Women's Premium Nellie Boot available on Timberland’s website. Another Timberland’s boot to check out are Women's 14-Inch Premium Waterproof Boot, a 14-inch tall pair of boots that is absolutely gorgeous and matches perfectly with leggings. They may result a little bit complicated to put on, but the result is terrific. For those who love heels, Women's Earthkeepers® Rudston Mid Lace Boot are perfect. A little bit of heel doesn’t make those shoes look ordinary and it adds a touch of fashion to the comfort of winter boots. Another must-have for those who love playing in the snow are Women's Crystal Mountain Waterproof Tall Lace Boot, available in pink and blue.

Spotted: Many designers presented boots collections during New York Fashion Week 2012, like Diesel, Derek Lam and Alexa Chung for Madewell

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