When it comes to most things, I like to stick to the motto “go big or go home,” and when it comes to sunglasses, this phrase is no exception. Whether dodging the paparazzi, disguising a lack of sleep or adding a celebrity “wow” factor to an ensemble, oversized sunglasses have been, and in my opinion, always will be, en vogue.

From style icon Audrey Hepburn in the eminent Breakfast at Tiffany’s to fashion mavens Mary Kate Olsen and Nicole Richie hitting the streets of Hollywood, sunglasses that are large and in charge have transcended decades of transforming trends. With the renewal of ‘60s fashion hitting the fall 2011 runways, finding a pair of bug eyes inspired eyewear, whether new or vintage, has never been so easy.

This Fashionista’s Oliver Peoples sunglasses create both protection and privacy. The round, tortoiseshell glasses accentuate the shape of this Fashionista’s face, and easily become a focal point of her ensemble. Their neutral color and design allows for the ability to transition from season-to-season, functioning as a fashionable accessory whether sitting on a beach or spending the day on the slopes. Especially when fall days may be sunny but crispy, sunglasses are the perfect accessory to add a little extra something to an outfit that may be difficult to accessorize.

In the transition stage of autumn, and with Halloween just around the corner, this Fashionista keeps things festive, without being too daring, in a subtle orange and black ensemble. Her Kolae loose-fitting blouse allows for breathing room and complements her more form-fitting, side-zipper embellished shorts. The metallic zipper on her outer thigh harmonizes with her gold and bold Anthropologie necklace, adding a bit of shimmer to her ensemble. By finalizing her outfit with a pair of simple Repetto flats, this Fashionista craftily incorporates austere pieces to her outfit effortlessly.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that go a long way. Sunglasses, once an accessory used merely for protective purposes, have now evolved into a vital staple for any wardrobe. So, whether day or night, indoors or outside, rock your shades, because remember, the sun never sets on a Fashionista.

Spotted: Making a major statement in the sunglasses scene, Prada’s round baroque glasses took eyewear to another level. Keeping with the trend, sunglasses with lavish accents, ranging from curlicues to a variety of designs and patterns, as well as shapes and sizes, have become signatures of designers such as Karen Walker and Illesteva. Eyewear with a bit of pizzazz has now trickled down to the faces of celebrities like Evan Rachel Wood and Beyonce, and have become readily accessible to budding Fashionista's. So, next time it’s sunny outside, dare to be different; try and trade in your black wayfarers for a funky, fresh new take on eyewear.

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