ACCESSORIES REPORT: Kickin’ It During The Holidays

I don’t think there is anyone happier then me that sneakers are in style. (Well maybe my back is happier then me…) Bye, bye five inch heels. Sneakers are leading the whole sportswear trend.

Now that we have gotten comfortable with black sneakers, it is time to kick the trend up a notch. This Fashionista knows what I am talking about! Her colorful kicks could be seen from block away. They are loud, somewhat obnoxious and super colorful aka the perfect sneaker. This Fashionista is clearly not afraid of color, as evidenced by her patterned backpack, colored jeans and NYU fitted sweatshirt. However, even amongst all that color, her sneakers were the main focal point.

Sneakers come in all different colors, my personal favorite currently being gold. Find a color that suits your style as you kick it during the holiday break.

Spotted: The Marc by Marc Jacobs spring 2011 show showcased plenty of models rocking sneakers.

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