ACCESSORIES REPORT: Knot Your Average Belt

There are some accessories that can be found in most Fashionista's closets. This Fashionista is wearing quite a few of them: a strappy sandal, an oversized tote, and a woven belt. 

While these items are all in a sense classic pieces, it doesn't mean they are outdated or boring by any means. The right styling of a classic piece makes it look modern and fresh. The best example of the importance of styling is this Fashionista's belt. A tan woven belt can go with just about anything- a dress, tunic, even highwaisted denim. By simply taking the ends of her belt and knotting it, this Fashionista created a 3-D element that is so much more appealing than had she just let it hang. 

The right styling of your clothes is a great way to take pieces you already own and make them new. Try knotting your belt, tucking in your shirt, or wearing a maxi skirt as a dress as a way to experiment with style.

Spotted: Alice + Olivia's fall 2012 presentation paired belts with everything from trousers to evening gowns. 

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