With Full House, Holiday in the Sun and Elizabeth & James, the Olsen Twins have been present at all stages of my life. As much as I appreciate the genius of Mary-Kate Olsen, her ensembles lead many to confuse “boho” with “hobo.”

This Fashionista may not be a CFDA winner yet, but her outfit puts a playful, summer spin on hippie-chic. If you’re looking to incorporate this color trend into your wardrobe, bright jeans are an edgy and affordable option. Whichever shade of denim you choose, simple tops in tan, white or black allow for a neutral base. Although this Fashionista’s tank top has a basic structure, the sequined pocket adds a subtle flare. If you opt to color block, be sure to stick to a palette of separates, like neons or brights, and avoid prints. I find it helpful to consult a color wheel; analogous and complementary colors always look seamless. Remember, fashion is art!

With the 1970's revival in full swing, retro accessories are making a long-awaited comeback. In homage to enamel and owl motifs, necklaces like this Fashionista’s make for excellent statement pieces. On par with what Harper’s Bazaar deems the “wrist candy” trend, her mixture of thin, feminine bangles with silver tribal rings creates a balanced aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to wear silver and gold side by side. Excessive coordination always feels contrived. For those nostalgic for your day camp years, DIY friendship bracelets are a personal and inexpensive way to catch the color in your outfit.

From vivid denim to retro extras, the summer season is ideal for relaxing your look. 

In the spirit of Michelle Tanner, “You got it, dude.”

Spotted: Colored jeans are running the gamut of celebs from Kate Middleton to Camilla Alves. The versatile trend pairs well with blazers and wedges alike.

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