Amongst objects in general, and accessories in particular, a ring is one of the things with greatest meaning. In a woman’s life, it can be a turning point — and generate anxiety, doubts, expectations, extreme happiness, etc. It can be a symbol of growing up and moving on when you graduate; it represents two people’s union. And, besides representing all those life-changing moments, rings can also be associated with mysterious and fascinating women, like gypsies.

In our everyday dressing, when we decide to put on some rings, we’re more likely channeling (even if unconsciously) those mysterious woman than carrying symbols. There’s some sort of elegant decadence in wearing lots of rings, especially the ones with big stones or those worn like a knuckle-duster across three fingers.

Today’s Fashionista sports a naive high scholar ensemble with a short skirt, jumper and Converses, but wears the accessories in a way that confers it a certain grown up mystery. Her rings have a red gem and an owl shape, besides being slightly rusty — nothing better to provide that elegant decadence. The gem and leather in her necklace also contribute in giving her outfit a certain impact.

Before going out with the ring, just remember taking it out for a spin at home. After all, the mysterious grown up woman thing can disappear in one second with a ring falling down from your fingers or hooking on your hair and clothes.

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