ACCESSORIES REPORT: Life in Living Color

Here it is: spring! All Fashionistas have been long waiting to pull out their skirts and put away their winter coats. Most importantly, spring is the best time for color while winter neturals begin to fade out. Bold colors, seen this season especially in candy colored denim and in various neon hues, can also be found among accessories. This is a great way to add color to your outfit if you’re not willing to wear brightly colored clothing.

I spotted this Fashionista on a spring afternoon heading to spend time with friends in the sunny weather. This California girl pairs a white button-down with gray skinny jeans and a black sweater. Her addition of a bright pink belt and a peach polka-dotted headband make her outfit feel much like she does in the warm, sunny weather — brightful and cheery.

Bright accessories are always a given for the springtime. However now there are many new accessories to be found for this season. This chain mini bag, in orange and pink, is a cheery addition to any outfit, and can double as an evening bag. Bright green flats, the hot color of the season, paired either with white or black can give off a tropical, resort vibe. This bright bracelet not only looks cute, but profits from the purchase go towards a foundation helping women and children. Finally, for those who truly crave color can flock to these classic bright pants, a spring statement on it’s own. Remember, though, not to wear too much neon.

Spotted: Bright colors at the MaxMara spring 2011 show.

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