Accessories show themselves to the world in all shapes, sizes and colors. The category is the most broad in fashion and accessories can truly make or break an outfit. Statement pieces occur when the accessories steal the show in an outfit. Sometimes though the accessories can be little and sweet, acting as tiny accents that gently adds the finishing touch to a look.

This Fashionista has managed to utilize a select few accessories that polish off her already stunning look. The basis of all the jewelry is a silver color, which blends seamlessly with the gray sweater and scarf, just with a bit more shine. On her left hand, she has a series of six rings, all simple silver bands, some with rhinestones and others more plain. The small bands are easy to wear and they're completely stackable. When stacked, each ring has its own design and together they create a dynamic, three-dimensional appearance. The single band on the right hand slightly balances the look without taking away from the bold rings on the left hand. In addition, she wears a pair of stud earrings, made up of a series of rhinestones in various shapes. The earrings are sparkly and shiny, drawing attention to the Fashionista’s face. The earrings ultimately tie in the accessories to the overall outfit. To get earrings like this Fashionista, I found this similar pair at Charlotte Russe.

Spotted: Derek Lam’s fall 2012 ready-to-wear show featured a dainty, simple silver chain necklace that perfectly accents some of his looks. Check out looks 20 and 21!

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