When it comes to silhouettes, there is no better accessory than a belt to define the waistline and provide a unique touch that emphasizes one’s personal style. Belts are similar to shoes since they are universally flattering, as long as you find the appropriate fit to match your look. The plethora of options provides us with plenty of variety to choose from, and each can give an outfit a different feel.

This week’s gorgeous Fashionista was snapped in the early evening, perhaps on her way to a formal event or a dinner date. Regardless of the occasion, her polished look immediately caught my eye. While the collared shirt and an asymmetric skirt made a lovely pairing, it was enhanced by the punctuation of a skinny leopard print belt. This was clearly the key item that broke up the monotony of a relatively neutral colour scheme by adding a graphic element into the mix.

As you can see, a belt can become a statement piece that will bring any look to new stylistic heights. Try to pair your very own leopard print belt with neutral ensembles to make it really stand out, or choose a belt in a floral print in anticipation of the upcoming summer. With the neon trend going strong, a skinny neon belt is a great way to introduce this shocking hue into your wardrobe without overwhelming your initial senses.

No matter which belt you may choose to suit your style, try it out in a new shade or print to add a fresh twist to your look!

Spotted: The belted silhouette was a cincher on nearly every look of Jason Wu's spring 2012 show.

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ACCESSORIES REPORT: Lovely in Leopard!

I love leopard, plain and simple. My obsession first began when I saw Ms. Shania Twain rocking a hooded bodysuit in her video for “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” and my obsession has only escalated further after the popularity of “Cats, The Musical” and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Since the playful print seems to have so many Fashionistas shaking in their suede booties, I'm here to banish any and all tackiness associated with leopard and prove just how powerful these spots can be.

It probably wouldn’t surprise anyone to know that I practically squealed with excitement when I laid eyes on Olivia, today’s Fashionista, right at the center of campus. At first I passed Olivia off as another polished GW girl succumbing to the gray skies with a flat ensemble, but her exotic shoes had me seriously reconsidering. Olivia’s flats take her chic outfit to a whole new level, adding a modern element to her understated, billowy top and allowing her to take a walk on the wild side, effortlessly. Though Halloween is right around the corner, this Fashionista proves that leopard print is anything but a costume and can be embraced at all times of the year, even without the “bump-it” or a “GTL” to-do list.

Animal print accessories can be flaunted regardless of the season in the form of thin belts, cute clutches or sky-high pumps. It is best to keep it simple; pair leopard print with a neutral outfit of blacks, beiges or denim and try to keep your other accessories to a minimum, just like Olivia.

Spotted: Literally spotting our runways this seaons with leopard print patterns were the designs of Cavalli, Michael Kors and Paul Smith.

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