Every Fashionista knows the must have accessories. A black leather bag. The perfect pump. A statement necklace. The Fashionistas understand the importance of a great accessory. But Fashionistos, on the hand, often feel lost when it comes to accessories.

Never fear, Fashionistos. As you wind down your back to school shopping, there are few key pieces, as illustrated by this Fashionisto, that you should consider adding to your repertoire.

1. Watch: Every guy should own an oversized watch. The look is extremely masculine and a classic style will last you a lifetime.

2. Bracelet: A rope bracelet is a great option for those guys who are intimidated by man jewelry. It is preppy, clean, and gives off the impression that you just stepped off your yacht.

3. Loafers: A caramel-tan colored pair of leather loafers is a great investment. They look great paired casually with a button down and khakis, like this Fashionisto, or worn with dark slacks and an opened up white button down for a cool night time look.

4. Hat: Being a Fashionisto, you must own at least one hat. It is part of guy code or something. Try finding a hat with your universities logo to show a little school spirit. Or go for a more fashion forward look by choosing a cap from a fashion label.

Don’t be intimidated by accessories. As this Fashionisto illustrates, the right accessory can be your new best friend.

Spotted: Band of Outsiders fall 2012 show was full of edgy man-ccessories for those of you Fashionistos who want to take the look a bit further.

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