ACCESSORIES REPORT: Mecklaces (Man-necklaces)

It is a rare (but exciting) occurrence when I am drawn to a male’s style on our campus, but I was especially intrigued by this Fashionisto’s statement necklaces. Jewelry of any kind can oftentimes be seen as a girly thing by many men, but this Fashionisto definitely proved that belief to be false.

“Each of my necklaces (and bracelets) have some kind of meaning and story behind them; it’s taken me years to build up the collection I have now,” said this Fashionisto. I’ve started to notice this trend of multiple chains or a collection of bracelets on men and I've been curious about where they were finding these items. Whether they are bought at your favorite store, found at an art fair or handed down from an elder, developing your own collection of jewelry with history behind it would be an awesome way to personalize your accessories. I would advise experimenting with some old necklaces and maybe spicing them up with a new chain. This still keeps them vintage. I was able to find some pretty cool necklaces for guys at Urban Outfitters alongwith some unique handmade jewelry on Etsy.  

Although some of these items may not be something you are able to just go out and buy, consider starting a meaningful collection and always have your eye out. You’d be surprised with the ways you can freshen up a childhood necklace from a parent or grandparent.

Boys, don’t be timid to experiment with some chains around your neck like this Fashionisto. I know that accessorizing for men may not always be as easy as for women, but this is a great place to start!

Spotted: Statement necklaces on Roberto Cavalli's fall 2011 runway.

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