Metal working is one of the oldest and most unique forms of jewelry making. But that’s not to say the trend hasn’t stuck around. Today, some of the most contemporary jewelry pieces are based on the formations of metals, with or without gems.

This week’s Fashionista incorporates metals into almost every aspect of her outfit. First, her necklace has an effect similar to color blocking. The shine of the metal rests on the vivid blue of her tank top turning into a vibrant color addition to the outfit. She scored her bracelet, my personal favorite of her numerous accessories, at Urban Outfitters. Check out these similar ones from Piperlime and Topshop. As tiny add-ons to the ensemble, her multiple rings, individually and as a whole, reinforce the theme of the outfit already set in place. The use of these metals in the cohesive way that this Fashionista has demonstrated allows each piece of jewelry to take center stage, no piece outshining another. At the same time, while each accessory is evident in the outfit, the unity of the metals permits the bright, lively blue of the tank top to have its own moment of glory. It’s almost like two different entities, the clothing and the accessories coming together to create this masterpiece.

Outfit harmony isn’t easy to achieve, and as a student with a limited schedule and tests to study for during this awful midterm week, it's even harder to pull off, however, this week’s Fashionista nailed it! Don’t be nervous to try an unlikely combination. Rough metal with delicate chiffon turned out to be the perfect combination so start pairing, and see what beautiful things you can come up with!

Spotted: Marc Jacobs’ fall 2012 ready-to-wear featured metal accenting on the shoes, paired with the too cute safety pin to secure scarves, doubling as shawls.

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