ACCESSORIES REPORT: Monochromatic Luster

Monochroma…what?! Yes, monochromatic means all the colors of a single hue. While the word sounds scary, and even more so when we think of one person dressed head to toe in pink looking like a birthday cake, monochromatic colors schemes can really make a statement.

This week’s Fashionisto uses all neutrals to create a basic monochromatic color scheme in his outfit. Utilizing primarily blacks, grays and whites, he relies more on textures and shine to create interest, rather than bright colors. First, the shoes have a shine to them that catch the light when it hits them. This gives a three-dimensional appearance and also differentiates between the other textures on the shoe. The Fashionisto’s layered necklaces spice up the simple silhouette of the gray sweater. Even thought the necklaces are a simple silver color, they also catch the light and create another facet to view this outfit in.

Monochromatic color schemes are really starting to come back around into the fashion world this season. Even pairing a dark, ocean blue sweater with a pair of pale blue chinos counts as a monochromatic color scheme. For the ladies, this could mean a pale purple top mixed with some plum purple cords. While the concept may seem offbeat, keep it simple and give it a try.

Spotted: Thom Browne's fall 2012 menswear runway show featured monochromatic color schemes in grays, blacks and even mint green. Check it out for some examples!

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