Handmade accessories hold an ancient mystique foreign to modern infinity scarves and thigh-high boots. Their beauty lies in the intricacy of details and the natural feel of Mother Nature’s favorite materials like cotton and suede. One of my favorite things about the city of Austin is its constant rejection of commercialism. Instead, it opts for small-scale shops and festivals that carry anything from fedoras made of organic straw to arrowhead necklaces and woven bracelets, things that I absolutely adore.  

Imagine my delight when I saw this Fashionista strutting to class in this very natural ensemble!

This college senior managed to insert suede and leather accessories onto a thinly striped cotton shirtdress and a knitted, pale mint cardigan combo. Her camel-fringed boots add a trendy native touch and her brown woven belt gives her a defined waist. She kept her jewelry simple and gold, her hair long and flowing, leaving her Urban Outfitters boots to be the definite eye-grabber of her casual outfit.

My favorite thing about this Fashionista was the effortless way she incorporated the “Navajo” trend into her clothing. I have seen way too many girls on campus sport a fringed top, with a fringed bag and fringed moccasins. So, sorry ladies, but don’t do it!

It is extremely important to find a balance and this Fashionista got it just right!

Spotted: This trend has been around since last season but for spring, expect a more sophisticated and subtle Navajo trend to emerge as seen at Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta.

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