I have had a recent fashion crush on Céline. No, not Céline Dion. (Although, I mean who doesn't love blaring “It's All Coming Back to Me” and singing along at the top of your lungs? Am I alone in this? Anyone? I digress.)

The Céline I am referring to here is the designer and their always chic handbag collection. When I saw this Fashionista's cross body Celine bag, I gasped in envy. Before I snatched it and ran away, I collected myself and snapped these photos. While most CollegeFashionistas don't have the budget for designer handbags, her purse acts as a great inspiration for any Fashionista's wardrobe. Cross body bags are über functional and are the original hands free device. They are great for heading to class or a weekend bargain shopping with your besties. 

Carrying your books, while talking on your cell and balancing a peppermint mocha can be challenging. Get a cross body bag to help take some of that burden off and discover “The Power of Love” (yes, that's another Céline Dion reference).

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