ACCESSORIES REPORT: Old + New = Amazing Contemporary

Looking into our grandma’s wardrobe can be an amazing experience because we never know what we are going to find. If we get lucky, we could become owners of some unique old pieces that are very rare to find nowadays. This Fashionista caught my attention because of the sweater she was wearing. I haven’t seen one like this since my grandma used to bring me with her to tea parties with her friends.

The velvet decorations on this sweater are simply chic. The design is precious because velvet really enriches every single detail on the sweater. If you have a velvet accessory, compare it with a no-velvet one. The effect is clearly different. Velvet makes things elegant. There’s no doubt about it. In the old times, velvet was manly used for quality dresses designed for women who belonged to aristocracy. In the ‘80s it was a must-have for party girls who wanted to be glam. Today not many designers propose velvet anymore, probably because pret-a-porter collections are targeted to be very commercial so that they avoid expensive materials. Some velvet elegant jackets can be found at Topshop.

This Fashionista combined her velvet-elegant piece with retro sunglasses. It was a very nice choice because they match with the rest of the look and do not take the scene from the sweater. Dolce&Gabbana proposed similar sunglasses.

The rest of this Fashionista’s look follows the rules of a contemporary street style. The flowery top is very popular between young people. Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister have amazing flowery top collections perfect for college Fashionistas.

The red shoes are dramatically perfect for students. The choice of red reminds me of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and it gives sobriety to the whole outfit.

Spotted: Amazing velvet clothes were presented on the runway in Alberta Ferretti's 2012 collection.

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