The Navajo Trend hit the scene full time last year. The addition of fringe added to the Bohemian trend that had be surfacing for years on the likes of Rachel Zoe, Nicole Richie and many others who favored maxi dresses and leather cross bodies instead of Hermes Birkins and structured blazers. In addition, Navajo is a major trend seen across music festivals, such as Coachella. However, it is a wearable trend no matter what kind of look you want to convey.

Despite coming onto the fashion scene intially last year, this year Navajo and fringe has been taken to a whole other level. Last year was all about the clothing itself. This year, Navajo has taken a big hit on accessories.

This Fashionista maximizes the Najavo trend in her accessories. Pairing her Urban Outfitters bag and multiple bohemian stacked Tiffany necklaces with a Free People top, So-Low jeggings and BP flats, she emphasizes the trend to the fullest all while representing a traditional outfit as well. This way she gets the best of both styles without having to compromise.

The best way to add to embrace the Navajo trend is to start small. A Navajo printed bag would be great paired with a chambray shirtwhite jean shorts and gladiators. A chain hairpiece paired with a flowy shirt is perfect for a lazy summer day. A fringe bag is cute way to store all your stuff while pulling off the bohemian look, complete with wayfarers. Navajo is the way to go.

Spotted: Navajo on Isabel Marant runway during her Paris spring 2011 show.

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