ACCESSORIES REPORT: Oops, She Rocked It Again!

Reminiscing about the 90’s always brings me back to the good times. Remeber tomagachi’s? How about Topanga from Boy Meets World; she was my idol (although Baby Spice came in as a close second). Some fashion choices, however, are better off left in the past. Matching denim outfits, overalls, and socks worn over leggings remind me of the cringe worthy days of the second grade. Although some fashion choices from the 90’s are extremely outdated, one item will never go out of style.
The Baby G watch was all the rage in the 90’s and this Fashionista certainly knows how to bring back the funk in this stole-my-look outfit. Her blue Baby G watch is expertly paired with colorful J.Crew bracelets, combining old with new. The sparkly bracelets alongside this Fashionista’s watch add a young look to her outfit (and did you notice her killer manicure!). An off the shoulder grunge looking sweatshirt over her flowery dress adds another dimension to this Fashionista’s entire ensemble.
While her 90's get up isn't as startling as Britney Spear's all leather “Opps, I Did It Again” jumpsuit, this Fashionista definitely knows how to bring it!

Spotted: Don't worry 90's fans, Baby G's are readily available and you can get yours faster than you can say “Livin' La Vida Loca!”

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