ACCESSORIES REPORT: Oxfords Make a Comeback

Calling all Alex P. Keatons, Ferguson Darlings and those of the '80s nerdy boys era. Old school prep is making a comeback, with a slightly updated twist. No, this is not the time to pull out all those old sweater vests, pleated khakis and your preppy handbooks. The hot old school item now is oxfords.

Oxfords have become a great alternative to flats, and they come in many different varieties to please. There are traditional oxfords, like these Urban Outfitters ones. There are also bold updated oxfords, such as these leopard print Steve Madden ones that I have been coveting for the past 2 months. Finally, for the brave, there are Christian Louboutin spiked oxfords, which turn preps to hipsters in an instant. In order to complete the look without looking like you’re caddying at the local golf club, one may add dark skinnies and silk shirt for a dressier vibe, or even colored jeans and a graphic band shirt for a rocker edge. Finally, you can even add leggings and cardigan for a relaxed, yet polished look.

This Fashionista favors these classic Steven by Steve Madden oxfords, complete in the classic brown color with tassels. Rather than going with the classic prep look, she gives the look a more bohemian twist with H&M acid-wash harem pants and an Urban Outfitters lace top. She polishes off the outfit with a silver cuff from Nordstrom, adding that sophisticated touch to a rather loud outfit.

Oxfords are a great addition to any outfit. Bold prints can add that wow factor to an outfit of solid colors, while solid oxfords paired with non-traditional outfits can give off a effortless hipster look. Finally, oxfords are just plain comfortable. Therefore, you won’t have to sacrifice fashion for comfort. However, don’t get too comfortable, those '90s Stride Rite saddle shoes are off limits! Unless you really do want that caddying job…

Spotted: Alexander Wang used high heeled oxfords on his fall 2011 runway, including those of bright metallic colors.

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