ACCESSORIES REPORT: Pastels and Floral Socks

Syracuse has been having anything but a normal white winter this year. With random fifty-degree days, most students are taking advantage by breaking out some spring outfits early. This Fashionista is no exception. She really knows how to bring spring into the late winter weeks with her pastels, skirt, and floral printed socks.  She’s super excited for spring, mostly because she likes to show off colorful layers of cardigans and scarves, instead of her dark winter coat.
“My personal style is definitely just a mix up of classic pieces. I love florals, chunky knits, bunchy socks and booties, and scarves. I like mixing prints. Most of the time my clothes really shouldn't be worn together. My favorite combination is two florals or floral and leopard,” said this Fashionista when we talked her about her personal style. 
I asked her where she finds most of her style inspiration.  She said, “I mostly am inspired by things I see on the Internet. I love Pinterest and blogs, and whenever I'm having a style crisis I always turn to my favorite sites to get me inspired to dress up.”  Being a graphic design major, she is always on the internet, blogging, tweeting and picking up style inspirations from all these places.
The best part of her outfit are the floral printed socks from Gap, that peep out of her tan booties from Target. Her loose purple shirt is from dELiA*s and white skirt is from Urban Outfitters. 
“I love shopping at Urban Outfitters, but let's be real, it isn't always affordable. My go-to stores are Target, Forever 21 and H&M. I'm also obsessed with Goodwill. I have a Goodwill card, embarrassingly enough.”

Buy your own floral socks at Urban Outfitters, or check out these pastel stocking alternatives from American Apparel.

Spotted: Ralph Lauren does a floral skirt and pastels in the spring 2012 ready-to-wear collection.


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