ACCESSORIES REPORT: Patterns, Prints, and Plaid

Combat boots have made quite the statement in the past couple years, helping to make an army uniform actually look quite fashionable. A fun changeup from that plain neutral tone boot is one with an added accent or pattern, like featured on this Fashionista. Plaid is it for this fall, of any kind and in any amount that you please. With just an added touch on her combat boots, this Fashionista makes plaid look great paired with a simple pair of jeans and a sweater.

These boots among many other styles of combat boots and beyond, were found at Steve Madden.  I have personally always been hesitant wearing plaid in large amounts; therefore loving the way that it is being featured as an accessory item for the fall. Worn as a poncho or across your shoulder, this Elle Magazine feature shows us over 15 great ways to add plaid into your wardrobe. . What style trend isn’t Kate Spade always on the bandwagon with? Of course, I stumbled across something plaid of hers as well. . A similar (but favorite) twist-off on plaid, also known to be a great patterned accessory is argyle. I love the adorable shoelaces on these Anthropologie booties, giving them even more to talk about. 

Starting out small is always a good strategy, so if the plaid flannel look isn’t for you, try giving the pattern a chance through something as small as shoelaces, or a small purse.  You’ll be surprised to find the fun ways it can be played with in your day-to- day outfits, and the compliments that will come along with it!

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