This may not exactly be the latest trend — maybe you’ve seen your mom wearing it years ago (not in a vintage-cool way, just in a normal way). But, probably since we started seeing, amongst neon pieces, detachable collars, animal print and other Man Repelling articles in Leandra Medine’s posts, these charm necklaces have become instant desire.

The cool thing about those small and delicate necklaces with small and delicate charms — besides the charms themselves, that can be shaped like, say, cupcakes, ballerina flats, wings, lips or even moustaches — is that they, as clothing, can be layered and gradually worn, depending on the impact you want them to have on your outfit.

Today’s Fashionista flattered an all-denim ensemble with a subtle pop of glow her necklaces offered. The skull and handcuff charms, instead of the common hearts and flowers, make it a little rougher and less obvious.

You can harmonically wear two or three with slim strapped dresses, creating a feminine and subtly sexy look. But you can also pile lots of them over a plain, beat-up tee, in order to create a more fun, as well as balanced ensemble.

Spotted: Different versions of the charm necklace at D&G and Isabel Marant

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