In spite of their popularity, super-saturated highlighter hues present minimalists like myself with a fashion dilemma. While designers like Peter Som showcase some beautiful color-blocked pieces, my personal biases and aversion to '90s rave attire barred me from trying the trend. But when I spotted this Fashionista at the Met, I was struck with both outfit envy and inspiration.

Palette-wise, this Fashionista’s black ensemble accentuates the punch of her pink Cambridge Satchel Co. bag. Blacks, whites and neutrals pair especially well with neons as the high contrast works to create a fresh, harmonious look. If you’re looking to embolden the outfit without adding more neon, mix in a textured jacket like this Fashionista. Structurally, the Cambridge Satchel has the elements to balance a bright base, as its boxy lines, buckled detailing and long, loose shoulder straps carry a distinctly classic feel. 

Founded in 2008, English Cambridge Satchel Co began as a mother-daughter venture and has since become a multi-million dollar company. The 100% leather, structured bags range from $95-$230, providing students with an affordable alternative to a pricey Mulberry. Sized from 11 to 14 inches, it's more than just a pretty purse — it's a modern-day Mary Poppins bag.

For those who aren’t quite ready to take off their neon training wheels, the Cambridge Satchel is the perfect, practical pop of color for you.

Spotted: Celebrities love the Cambridge Satchel, too! Brad Goreski rocked his in a bright puce. Elle Fanning was clearly inspired by this Fashionista, as she too chose the bag in pink.

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