I’ve been in the market for a bag I could invest in for quite a long time. To get inspiration for gift ideas for the holidays, I always keep my eye out for styles that my fellow Fashionistas are carrying around campus.  I take note of those I like and continue my quest to find the perfect bag. So far I’ve created criteria which includes: big, a cool color or pattern, durable (a huge must) and leather.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this Fashionista walking by me on campus. Her outfit was meticulously put together for a Thursday morning. Alongside her outfit she was carrying a big Brooks Brother’s cream colored bag with navy and red sophisticated plaid. It was a refreshingly preppy outfit for a cold December day in Boston. Although we associate the preppy look with crisp whites and summer, I appreciate such influence on our wardrobes once in awhile, and this bag speaks to just that. The bag fits another one of my criteria: it is versatile. It is definitely a bag worthy of dressing down or taking to work or an internship.

If you’re looking for a similar bag to this Fashionista's, check out Nordstrom’s Burberry collection. If you’re working with a college budget and you don’t want to commit to the plaid, try out this similar shaped, wool tote from Urban Outfitters. Or if you’re feeling bold, check out this Coach Tartan Glam tote perfect to have on your arm for any winter event!

Spotted: Plaid has been prevalent on the runway and tying the trend into your accessories is a great way to carry the trend. Check out this video to get inspired!

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