One trend that I have slowly seen materialize over the spring and beginning of summer (especially in the city) is chunky shoes. Though initially I was a little disturbed by the oncoming trend because when I think of platform sandals, I’m not going to lie, the first thing that pops into my head is the ‘90s. Platform sandals during that era were extremely unflattering and overall kind of frumpy, though I seem to recall freaking out in a store at age nine because my mother refused to buy me a pair. Past that age, however, the concept of platforms was a huge turn off for me. This was true until I started seeing how platform sandals could add character, beauty and excitement to your outfit. I also realize that not all platforms are created equal: there are some that are incredibly adorable and flattering. Needless to say, I’m now fending for them whenever I see a pair that I adore (which is too many to mention).

This Fashionista demonstrated exactly what I had begun to notice and love about the trend. She sports an incredibly airy and girly outfit, so it is her choice of shoes that really make her outfit stand out. They add some edge to a very simple, chic outfit. I know that in the summer I love wearing cutesy things, but often feel like it’s not really me. I think this is the answer! Looking girly doesn’t have to come at a price now, you can still add your own personal edge to the cute outfit you’re wearing. I think another added advantage to her particular shoes is the color of the front strap. This makes the shoes more versatile and gives you more liberty to wear them with different outfits. 

If you like the overall concept of her shoe, this is a great alternative. And if you like the concept of the color block, but aren't quite sold on the platform, look into these adorable Steve Madden shoes with a chunky heel, but no platform. If your'e not a platform person but like the straps, you should check out this adorable pair of Charlotte Russe sandals that come in a variety of colors. Lastly, if you like the chunky concept and the thick  straps, but want a more dressy look you should check out these classical brown heels.

Spotted: Donna Karan spring 2012 ready-to-wear featured platforms.

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