The french fry, the french kiss, and the French beret. They comprise the trifecta of words we deem to be “French.”  Despite their true origins, and whether or not they are actually  “française,” these three things have undeniably been a real part of the American cultural palette. We eat, we kiss and we most definitely wear this charming hat.

The beret is an iconic accessory that came into being first for practical reasons and has many associations besides the trademark of the artist. This accessory has been seen on the heads of military figures — the green beret of the British commandos in World War II, political figures like Che Guevara and the Black Panthers. Of course, the arts world also has had its fair share of beret-wearers, including film directors and musical composers such as Richard Wagner. In case you are not catching a trend, this hat has been a standard male accessory throughout history. You don’t have to be a military figure, a rebel, a musician, an artist or even a Rastafarian to wear this accessory. Us women, us Fashionsitas, are taking this hat off of the hook and wearing it too.

When perusing the Columbia campus for a stylish accessory-wearer, I stumbled upon this chic Fashionista. With her cap tilted slightly back, she confidently wore the cap and imbued a cool New Yorker vibe; it wasn’t at all like she was representing France at a multi-cultural fair. She pulls this “hat trick” by pairing the beret with a simple, yet put together outfit. She wears a cute, form-fitting black dress with opaque black tights and boots.

While I would go into the various ways to wear the beret, I feel like it is unnecessary. While some accessories need some tips as to how to wear them, this is a “no-brainer.” You don’t have to wear a specific outfit in order for the hat to work well. Just play around with it, and have fun. The beret will be a nice topping to your outfit.

Spotted: Berets were seen all over Paris Fashion Week's Aganovich's runway for the spring 2012 collection.

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