ACCESSORIES REPORT: Prints, Patterns and Polka-Dots

The words patterns and prints set off a lot of signals. We might think “tasteful”, like a refined animal print or a silk blouse with a specific pattern or “tacky”, like your father’s tropical print shirt he insists on wearing on every family vacation. However, despite prints and patterns sometimes getting a bad reputation, they are a great addition to any accessory or outfit as a fresh addition to your wardrobe.

I spotted this Fashionista on a sunny day in D.C., wearing a popping H&M sundress with a huge American Apparel bow to keep her hair cute and frizz free. This is a perfect outfit to brave the D.C. humidity. Her addition of a geometric printed Urban Outfitters backpack and animal print Steve Madden sandals made her outfit truly stand out from the sea of sundresses and neutrals.

Prints and patterns are great for accessories, as they make neutral outfits stand out and give that pop to everything. Sandals in a cute leopard print could pop any monochromatic black outfit. A bold printed iPad case is a cute, bold way to incorporate prints into your outfit. Native American prints are a huge trend right now, for those who want to take the prints to another level. Another trend with patterns is Mad Men, where polka-dotted silk shirts have a huge impact, not to mention they're great for interviews. Prints and patterns have no limits, so feel free to express yourself in as many outlets as you can, whether it is a shirt or a bag.

Spotted: Bold, Geometric Prints on Marni's spring 2012 runway.

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