It’s that time of year again! Christmas bells are ringing, students are taking exams and the clothes fairy seems to have snagged up all your cute clothes and left you with only sweats and T-shirts. Luckily, I spotted this Fashionista wearing something besides her nighttime apparel.

I love how the subtle red detailing of the sock just barely peeks out of her boots. Not only do the socks provide an extra layer of warmth, but they also add a fun playful layer of color. The red sock draws the eye upward to the magenta scarf, which has a pretty flower embellishment. This Fashionista is beyond girly and cute and her personality fit’s this particular outfit so well. The red socks break up the two different grey tones to make the outfit more visually enticing. All of her proportions and layering are just right. The boot height that sits just below the knee helps to elongate, and the skirt length shows off the right amount of her gray tights without being inappropriately short for the cold weather.

In order to replicate her look, you must follow a few simple rules. Make sure that where you live its prime winter season for ultimate layering. Also, double check that the clothes fairy did not steal any of your clothing and, if they did, you can always buy these similar knee socks to wear with riding boots. To top it off and not leave your neck feeling lonely, a ruched scarf would be a lovely addition to finish accessorizing.

I just want to say thanks to everyone who reads my weekly post and that I am so excited to be on board again next semester! I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and I will see you all next year!

Spotted: Runway model Anabela Belikova is wearing a monotone outfit, complete with sheer thigh high socks during Vera Wang’s pre-fall 2011 show.

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