CollegeFashionistas are always thriving to be on trend. But purchasing the latest bag, jewelry, shoes, coat, and so on can be rather costly, especially on the college budget.

This Fashionista was rocking some jewelry that is majorly on trend. Even better, her pieces can easily be replicated with a little DIY action. To make her necklace, go to your local craft store and buy a piece of fabric doily lace, a necklace chain, and 2 jump rings. Feed the jump ring through an end of the doily and through the chain. Secure with pliers. Tah dah- an on trend necklace in minutes and for a few dollars.

This Fashionista's bracelets are even easier. While at the craft store, buy a charm or two and some silk Chinese cord. Tie a knot in the middle of the cord, feed on the charm and then tie another knot to secure the charm in place. Knot the bracelet on your wrist and voila- another new, inexpensive, totally on trend accessory.

Being on trend doesn't mean forking over your entire monthly budget. Being crafty and thrifty can make you a standout Fashionista!

Spotted: Anndra Neen's fall 2012 collection is full amazing collars and necklaces that have a similar feminine flair as this Fashionista.

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