ACCESSORIES REPORT: Schlepping in Style

It’s finally here! Spring break! That glorious time where you have a week off to shake off midterms, papers and all your academic stuff. With this week off you need a cute way to transport your things without blending in with all of the black luggage on the conveyer belt. How many times have you accidentally taken the wrong luggage because of it? I know I have many times. The easiest way to find your luggage on the conveyer belt  is by using cute bags to transport all your spring break clothes and get out of the airport and to the beach quicker.

This Fashionista skips the traditional black and goes for a navy Longchamp bag to transport her goods. In addition, she rocks Target leggings and a Forever 21 tank top for comfy travels. Finally, her awesome friendship bracelets (made on her own) add a bohemian vibe to her travel ensemble.

Traveling is hard enough, so why not do it in style? These pretty duffles come in various bold colors and prints and they can even be brought on board a plane. In addition to the tote above, Longchamp makes a chic overnighter that expands into a full size luggage piece, so if you buy too many clothes on spring break your bag can accommodate. For big luggage, I swore by these oversized duffles on wheels when I went abroad for three months. Huge and easy to find at the airport with your monogram and bold colors. Finally, for an oversize bag/ purse duo, this classic bag is efficient and stylish. Now, time to get back to the sun. South Beach is calling my name!

Spotted: Yves Saint Laurent featured stylish travel bags in the resort 2012 show

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