ACCESSORIES REPORT: Scrumptious Scarves

Between my dark, unruly hair and nine-letter first name, I’ve always been told that my Middle Eastern descent is, for lack of a better word, obvious. My mother, a woman with a big personality and even bigger opinions, has always been a huge proponent of adding elements of my Persian heritage in every aspect of my everyday life, my own personal style being no exception. I’ll admit that I’ve generally stuck to Persian jewelry, mainly 24 carat gold necklaces, earrings or bracelets, for embellishment purposes and I have avoided other aspects of our traditional garb for fear of being too ethnic, but that has all recently changed with the resurgence of Eastern trends appearing in Western fashion. Sequins, paisley and beautiful jewel tones are appearing everywhere, but it is the popularity of scarves that really has me stopping in my tracks. Besides being a mandatory part of an Iranian woman’s ensemble, colorful scarves are a staple in Middle Eastern culture and the Western adoption of this accessory is both exciting and totally chic.

Today’s Fashionista, Hannah, shows us just how versatile scarves can really be. Running late for work in black denim and a black band t-shirt, Hannah throws on a Navajo shawl for warmth and major style points. She draws all eyes to her beautiful accessory, playing up a basic and neutral outfit with a bold print, a bit of shimmer and a burst of color. What I love about Hannah’s head-to-toe look is her casual and understated personality that she allows to shine through while still remaining true to today’s big trends. Her t-shirt shows off her rocker side, as do her zippered black flats and messy top knot, yet her sleek denim and timeless scarf show off a classy, sophisticated side that can easily get lost in the grim, fall weather.

Hannah’s look is effortlessly achievable and will prove to be a go-to during the cooler months. Patterns such as polkadots or Navajo are all the rage right now and can add a splash of glamour to a bland outfit when implemented in scarf-form. When choosing the right shawl, it is always important to keep the other aspects of your outfit in mind, such as textures and colors, make sure your accessories compliment the ensemble rather than overwhelming it.

Spotted: Scarves and Navajo print seen on the runways of 3.1 Phillip Lim, Carlos Miele and Isabel Marant.

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