Serendipity is defined as a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise.” It is one of my favorite words. When I came across this Fashionista, I had to believe it was one of hers as well.

The first thing I noticed was the run down the front of her tights. It had me guessing: did she trip on her way to class or spend a few minutes in her dorm room perfectly crafting the run? I like to think that it happened on accident and she made the best of her new situation (thus: a serendipitous moment). The run in her tights has a very grunge-meets-high-fashion feel.  The rest of the elements of her outfit add to this cool girl, don’t care vibe. From her collection of pins, skull necklace and lace-up boots, this Fashionista look is full of personality.

So the next time you get a hole in your favorite T-shirt, shrink a maxi dress or, like this Fashionista, get a run in your tights, don’t fret. Take the opportunity to embrace the serendipity.

Spotted: During fall 2011, Charlotte Ronson sent ripped tights down the runway to add to the prep-school-meets-grunge-meets-military vibe of her collection.

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